About Us


 When COVID hit, we knew that we wanted to do something impactful for our customers.  As a womenswear manufacturer, it's in our DNA to do research to uncover gaps that our customers want us to fill -- whether they know it or not. In this global pandemic, many of us have adapted to wearing masks to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  But why stay on defense?  We knew that we could create a product that men and women would not only feel obligated to wear, but would love to wear.  We set out to make their mask a part of their look and came up with a safe, practical, & stylish accessory called Clasp For Your Mask. The extra-soft & antibacterial mask comes adorned with a stylish chain (paperclip, double strand silver, tortoise, sporty cord -- among others) that not only serves as a necklace while wearing the mask, but also keeps it secure around your neck when not in use. We set out to make safe also stylish and we're excited about what we came up with!


       In an industry defined by short-term trends, staying healthy never goes out of style.  That was -- and remains -- our main motivation for getting this product to market.  The clasp helps our customers ensure that they never leave their mask behind and never have to put it down on an unsanitary surface.  But going a step further, we know that if we can make a simple mask into a new accessory that individuals didn’t know they needed, we can help promote one of the key behaviors identified for slowing the spread of this virus.  We all want to get back to normal.  If we can use fashion and our experience in womenswear as a tool to help get there sooner, we feel that it's our duty to do so.